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'superpowerful', Searching for Novelty, and Sharing the Meaning of Songs



New EP 'partly cloudy', Bringing Elements of 80's and 90's Hits to Modern Songs, & Creating a Sound That Infuses the DNA of the Band.


Yoke Lore:

Poetic Chaos of the Imagination, Working with Great Good Fine Ok, & Including Himself in His Music

Charlotte Clark:

New EP 'Warm Weather', Releasing Music Under Her Own Name, & Honesty.

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Salem Ilese:

Viral hit "Mad at Disney", Social Media, and Her Songwriting Process


Josie Dunne:

Creating an Alternate World in Music, "Last Day" with Two Friends, & Pop Influences

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VOLUME 1: Front Cover

VOLUME 1: Back Cover

VOLUME 2: Front Cover

VOLUME 2: Back Cover

VOLUME 3: Front Cover

VOLUME 3: Back Cover

VOLUME 4: Front Cover

VOLUME 4: Back Cover

VOLUME 5: Front Cover

VOLUME 5: Back Cover

VOLUME 6: Front Cover

VOLUME 6: Back Cover

VOLUME 7: Front Cover

VOLUME 7: Back Cover

VOLUME 8: Front Cover

VOLUME 8: Back Cover