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Salem Ilese:

Viral hit "Mad at Disney", Social Media, and Her Songwriting Process


'superpowerful', Searching for Novelty, and Sharing the Meaning of Songs

Yoke Lore:

Poetic Chaos of the Imagination, Working with Great Good Fine Ok, & Including Himself in His Music

Charlotte Clark:

New EP 'Warm Weather', Releasing Music Under Her Own Name, & Honesty

sad alex:

The Plight of the Modern Artist, Utilizing Your Social Resources, & Her New Single "dating myself"

Masked Wolf:

Global Hit "Astronaut in the Ocean" & The Impact of Social Media


ORENDA MEDIA is dedicated to bringing attention to artists through a digital platform. Our vision encourages digital expressiveness in online projects like our digital magazine and podcasts.

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Exposure for prospering creatives worldwide through ORENDA Magazine, Youtube videos, and social media platforms.


ORENDA MEDIA is building a podcasting network that will be available on all streaming platforms soon.

Case By Case: True Crime Podcast

The ORENDA:  Orenda: (n) A mystical force present in each person that can empower them to affect the world and change their life. Brought to you by ORENDA MEDIA, Ezzah Rafique dives into the lives of people who have changed the world and changed their life.
Generation of Mine: First-generation based podcast

Power of Positivity: Personal growth. Investment. Business. & Expanding your mindset


Gain a diverse perspective on the lives of different people.

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